Scrap the girls Instagram challenge for August…I retrieved this photo from our sons instagram feed…had to scrap it as I love it..his daughter with their much loved budgie Arnie…,.Who is now in Budgie heaven.

Fun in the Tunnels

Scrap the Boys August challenge…..these tunnels are near our home ..our kids used to love going there and now the grandkids…

Birthday Fun

My layout for Scrap the Girls June challenge…going with lots of patterns..my 9th birthday..we were have a competition to see who could make the ugliest face..awhile ago now.

Best Friends

This layout is for Scrap the Boys June challenge about your pets…as I dont have a pet anymore I have scrapped one of our grandsons with his new Guinea Pig called Pipsqueak in 2014..Sadly Pipsqueak has gone to Guinea Pig heaven but he was so loved.

So very sweet.

Decided to share this for the mothers challenge for Scrap the Boys May..I have done a page of each of my grandchildren in black and white with their Mum. This is our second grandchild  and I realized I hadn’t done one for him so this challenge was perfect…My daughter..she is a great mother to her 3 children


A Beautiful Life

Layout for Scrap the Girls April challenge about meeting your ex….this was a hard one for me but decided to use this photo as I was dressed to Impress at a function for Mary Kay (beauty company for whom I worked for a few years).this was 2004..My ex boyfriends are a long while ago now but if I met any I would like them to know about my life and lovely family



Holidaying with my Sisters

This layout is for the  March Challenge YOUrself about holidays. This is a lovely holiday I had a couple of years ago in Western Australia with 2 of my sisters.I am on the right..this photo was on the Bussleton jetty


Love my cake

Turning 3…our daughter loves making birthday cakes for her 3 children and they love picking which cake to have..This is for March Scrap the Boys challenge about birthday cake.


Mamma Mia

My layout for Scrap the Girls movie challenge…    our grandaughter loves Abba ..this is her dancing to the Mamma Mia movie.