One day…

My entry for the October challenge using a favourite quote. One day you will look back and see that all along you you were blooming.  I thought the quote was good for this page of these photos taken at home in 1967. I was studying for my second year nursing exams and relaxing  with a bit of guitar playing.  I did well in my nursing but not so good with the guitar. I thought this quote was appropriate as I never had much confidence in myself. Quote by Morgan Harper Nicholls.

Dressed to Impress





My layout for the August challenge for Challenge yourself blog.  This was at my youngest sisters wedding in December 2012…I have 3 sisters…I am on the end at the left. It was a lovely wedding,

My Happy Place

My layout for the August Challenge Yourself blog . My happy place is with my family but my other happy place is when I’m scrapbooking either by myself or with friends. This layout features me with my lovely group of new scrap friends that I have made since moving last year..  I am now caring for my husband so its lovely to be able to have some time out.

Memories of 2022

Layout for the January challenge for Challenge Yourself . Last year after a difficult year in 2021 we sold our house that we had lived in since 1975 and downsized to a unit to be nearer our kids. It was a huge undertaking but so happy with our new unit and our move,

Glamour 60’s style

I decided to do a heritage page of myself back in the 1969 for doing hand written journaling on a page for November Challenge Yourself. I think it is important to journal on heritage pages especially for our children and grandchildren to see the stories…that’s if they keep our scrapbooking. My lovely Dad took these pictures.

My Cancer Journey

This is a double page for Challenge yourself August documenting tough times. I was diagnosed in Feb 2021 with Breast Cancer,I kept a photo journal rather than a written journal…these pics are just an overview of 2021. Thought I would explain using each pic Pic 1  a lovely gift from my daughter and her family. 2.Beautiful flowers from a friend in England through a scrapbooking group.3. Having Chemo 4. A day cropping after one of my chemos..One of the many wonderful nurses…the chemo I had is the most toxic and it has  a nickname the Red Devil 6. The feel better look good workshop I went to..I loved this and we were gifted a heap of skin care and cosmtics. Page 2 Pic 1.Our 6 year old granddaughter said I could borrow her Elsa Wig Pic 2 mFlowers from my sisters who live in different states in Australia and because of Covid werent able to visit. Pic 3 My birthday at my sons house where I was staying  as My husband had had a stroke and was at my daughters. Pic 4 At my daughters when hubby was in Hospital. Pic 5 Meeting up with family..I didnt see my husbnd for nearly 2 months because of Covid. This was about a week after my Mastec tomy. Pic 6 Last day of Chemo with my  our eldest son..he was given an exemption to come in because of my situation…So all in all a very tough year.

You and Me



My layout for the February moodboard for Challenge Yourself..I have used some very old papers for this layout of myself with our daughter on her 30th Birthday

The Apartment

Hi..I thought I would share the last layout I have done of me on a page.This was in August this year..I was still having Chemotherapy and my hubby had a stroke. I went to stay with my Daughter and when hubby came out of hospital he went to our daughters and I went to our eldest sons. This photo is in an apartment that the govt let them stay as there were very noisy train works opposite their I wanted to scrap this for their daughter..We slept together in a King size bed and in the morning we took a few photos.

Happy Togather

This is for the May Challenge ..Put your best face forward..So I have made this layout of the lovely day we first were able to catch up with one of our families after our long lockdown in Melbourne during Covid last year..We still couldn’t go further than 25 Kms from home so we met half way in a was Nov 3rd Melbourne Cup Day…I’ve included a pic of me with our granddaughter wearing masks. It was a lovely day.

I am Blessed

This is for Challenge Yourself March blog challenge…about who I am.I have  scrapped these pics before for our grandchildren but wanted to do one for me and thought this challenge would be perfect. I have written  I am a daughter..a wife .a mother an Auntie  ..a friend..a nurse..a photographer A breast cancer survivior. and hope to be again as 19 years later I have just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer for a second time…started chemotherapy last Friday for 6 months..I am also a survivor of Sexual Abuse at the hands of a Church Minister when I was a young Mum..still working on that one..but most of all I am blessed with my beautiful family ..children and grandchildren who I love dearly and I still have my faith in God